yellow vs white xanax bars

Yellow xanax bars vs white xanax bars? Is there any difference or not?

Difference between Yellow Xanax bars and White Xanax bars –

Before we tell you the difference between Yellow and White Xanax bars, you must know that Xanax comes in various forms. This drug is popular among the people of the United States and is available in different dosage and forms. Xanax has its variety ranging from white, yellow, green, blue, orange, etc. It has other forms as well, like – extended and immediate release tablets.

Now, Yellow Xanax pill is as the name says is a drug that is yellow in color. On the street, sellers often sell it as yellow school bus due to the shape of the tablet and its color. A Yellow Xanax bar is a form of medication of Xanax that has R039 inscribed on one side which makes it unique and easy to differentiate from the other types of the same drug.

Another form of Xanax that is available in the market is Xanax bars White that is used for the same purpose as the other drugs of the Xanax family. Some people do ask – “what do White Xanax bars look like?” The answer is in the name itself, these tablets are white in color and have XANAX imprinted on one side of it and two on the other side. The2 that is imprinted on the other side denotes the strength of the drug. The tablet or is rectangular in shape. People often use this to get treated from disorders like – anxiety and panic attacks.

There are some sellers in the online as well as in the offline market that are selling fake White Xanax bars at the same price that it is readily available. People should know that purchasing a drug as per the prescribed dose is essentially important as to buying a genuine quality product.

White Xanax vs. Yellow Xanax –

When a person asks – “how many mg is a Yellow Xanax bar” It means that he/she has no knowledge about the drug and may also do not know about its usage. Yellow Xanax bars for sale are available at our website at the best quality and reasonable pricing. It is also important to understand that this drug should only be taken in the sale when your recommends you for it.

White Xanax bars are of 2mg strength, and so are the Yellow Xanax bars, they both are used for the treatment of panic, anxiety, and depression induced anxiety disorder. Talking about the differences between the two is that White Xanax bar is a brand name of Xanax, but the Yellow Xanax bar is a generic drug that is basically Alprazolam. Yellow Xanax bars do not contain caffeine in them, whereas, White Xanax contains caffeine in them.

What are the side effects of taking Xanax?

Xanax tablets are used for the purpose of treating disorders like – anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes people also use this medicine for treating depression that has been caused due to anxiety or is a result of the anxiety disorder. This drug works on the chemicals that are unbalanced in the brain and are causing problems.

Below are listed the side effects of Xanax

  •    Vomiting
  •    Constipation
  •    Blurred vision
  •    Mood swings or change in behavior
  •    Lack of coordination
  •    Difficulty in sleeping
  •    Seizures
  •    Chest pain or Rapid heartbeat

If you see these side effects getting worse in no time, immediately get help from a doctor or a physician.

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